Read all of the instructions before beginning the process.

  1. Tensas High School will provide a copy of a transcript to graduates of Tensas High School only (beginning May 2007), all other request must be submitted to the Tensas Parish School Board.
  2. Complete the enclosed request form. Include the correct year of graduation. 
  3. All records are strictly confidential. Therefore, only the graduate is allowed to authorize their release. If a second or third-party individual or agency is making the request on behalf of the graduate, the agency must submit a copy of the graduate’s identification along with a signed release form in addition to the accompanying form.
  4.  Be sure to include a nonrefundable processing fee of $5.00 per Transcript and $15.00 per Diploma.
  5.  All requests for transcripts and diplomas require 7-14 days for processing. Duplicate transcripts and diplomas will NOT be processed until fees are received.
  6.  Mail or hand deliver the completed form and fees to the address on the bottom of the form. Remember, if you are requesting a transcript from Tensas High School, it must be mailed to the address provided for the school at the bottom of the form.
  7.  Cash is acceptable and must be exact change. If paying by money order or cashier’s check, make it payable to Tensas High School, if applicable. All others made payable to Tensas Parish School Board.
  8.  WE DO NOT PROVIDE VERBAL VERIFICATION. We will fax or mail a copy of a transcript or diploma once the proper paperwork is submitted and fees have been paid.